e-Governance Training and Certification

Welcome to the first ONLINE certification course in e-Governance in India, which has been brought to you by DIT, Govt. of Maharashtra. This unique certification programme tests an individual's skill and knowledge on e-Governance and is mandatory for all DIT Staff, Consultants and Software developers working with Govt. of Maharashtra. This certification is also strongly recommended for all stakeholders working on e-Governance projects anywhere in India.

As part of this unique initiative, reading material and links of important sites are also provided, which would facilitate learning of basic and fundamental concepts of e-Governance with practical scenarios. Apart from the reading material available on this page on the left hand panel, link for BASIC course material is also mentioned throughout the Test itself. Take your time to read it, re-read it and attempt the questions in parallel.

Another unique feature of this certification program is that it is an OPEN BOOK test. The focus is not on mugging up definitions, but understanding concepts and being able to appreciate and apply in real scenarios. The candidates are free to read and search on the net, but are expected to articulate the responses in their own words.

Examination Stages

This certification program consists of TWO stages as given below:
  • FIRST is ONLINE Objective Test
    • Objective Test is of 100 marks and is open all the time. Click here to Take Objective Test
    • One must score minimum 75 marks out of 100 to pass this exam.
    • One can take up to three attempts.
    • If one passes, then one can download and print the Certificate of Achievement.
    Note: Only those who are seriously involved in e-Governance project (in whatever capacity) are advised to proceed to the SECOND stage comprising Subjective Type Test and Personal Interview.
  • SECOND stage is ONLINE written Subjective Type Test
    • Subjective Type Test is of 160 marks and Personal Interview 40 marks i.e. total of 200 marks.
    • From Batch 012 onwards, an examination fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged for Subjective Type Test.
    • Once you are registered with us (with the same email address with which you had passed the Objective Type Test), you can click on Pay Now link on your Home Page to enroll for Subjective Test.
    • Post enrollment for Subjective Test, you shall be receiving the login credentials through an email from ClassMarker in one working day and can start your Subjective Test.
    • In case you do not receive the login credentials then please send an email with subject “Resend Login Credentials for Subjective Test” at egovtraining@maharashtra.gov.in
    • One must score minimum 100 marks out of 160 marks in subjective exam to pass the exam.
    • If one passes the subjective exam, then this will be followed by personal interview that is telephonic or face to face or over video conference (Skype, Lync or Google Hangouts etc.)
    • The Interview is of 40 marks, in which one must score minimum 20 marks to pass.
    • Thus, one should score minimum combined total 120/200 to pass. Any candidate who scores minimum 120 marks in Subjective Type Test and minimum 25 marks in Interview earns Distinction grade.
    • Distinction grade is mandatory for all Consultants working with Government of Maharashtra.
    • Any Cut and Paste of content in Online Written Part will lead to disqualification.

Final list of candidates who clear the aforementioned stages will be published in the Result Section of this website.
Please refer to the Schedule section for the examination schedule.

Re-examination for Passing / Improvement in Scores

  • Candidates with pass grade, can improve their scores in SECOND stage, by re-appearing in the SECOND stage examination of next batch(es) which comprise both Subjective Test as well as Interview. Such candidates will have to re-enroll through our website after paying an examination fee of Rs. 500/-.
  • Candidates, who failed in the Objective Test, can reappear after a cool-off period of 3 months by using your same login credentials. Candidates who failed in the Subjective Test can reappear after paying an examination fee of Rs. 500/-

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