e Governance Test

Welcome to the FIRST Stage of e-Governance Training and Certification comprising Online Objective Type Test which is open all the time and you may take the test anytime. Prior starting the test you may refer the reading material and links on our Home Page.

Please ensure that you read the instructions and guidelines very carefully before taking the Test.

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Post successfullypassing the Objective Test, you may register with us for the SECOND Stage of Subjective Type Test, if you are seriously involved in e-Governance project (in whatever capacity) and wants to pursue the e-Governance Subjective Type Certification. For further information on the SECOND Stage of exam, please visit our Home Page.

In case of any query, please contact us at egovtraining@maharashtra.gov.in

Overview of e-Governance Certification Programme

This unique certification programme tests an individual's skill and knowledge on e-Governance and is mandatory for all DIT Staff, Consultants and Software developers working with Govt. of Maharashtra. This certification is also strongly recommended for all stakeholders working on e-Governance projects anywhere in India.

As part of this unique initiative, reading material and links of important sites are also provided, which would facilitate learning of basic and fundamental concepts of e-Governance with practical scenarios. Apart from the reading material available on this page on the left hand panel, link for BASIC course material is also mentioned throughout the Test itself. Take your time to read it, re-read it and attempt the questions in parallel.

For further details please visit our Home Page.