e-Governance Training and Certification


FIRST Stage Process

The FIRST Stage comprises an Objec tive Type Test will be open all the time

SECOND Stage Process

The SECOND Stage consists of ONLINE Subjective Type Test, followed by personal interview that is telephonic or face-to-face or over video conference (Skype, Lync, Google Hangouts etc.).

Batch 023 and 024 – The evaluation of Subjective Test is in progress and the candidate qualified for the Interview call will be informed through email.

Note: Candidates who want to appear for Subjective Test even after the enrollment cut-off date and are okay in appearing and completing the test within the above schedule of the batch, can contact DIT Staff at egovtraining@maharashtra.gov.in and request to enroll for the Subjective Type Test.

Mentors for various batches

  • Aarti Harbhajanka
  • Abhishek Dubey
  • Abhishek Verma
  • Ashish Upadhyay
  • Bhargav Desai
  • Brijendra Kumar
  • Devroop Dhar
  • Hemant Verma
  • Indrajit Das
  • Jitendra Mandalia
  • Krunal Sidhpura
  • Laxmikant Tripathi
  • Lokesh Bohra
  • Mahesh Wakode
  • Mandar Gupte
  • Manish Anawadia
  • Meenaxi Singh
  • Mukesh Somkuwar
  • Namrata Agarwal
  • Naren Kachroo
  • Neel Naik
  • Nikhil Karkera
  • Nikhil Pande
  • Nilesh Gauda
  • Nirav Shah
  • Nitin Agarwal
  • Nivedita Golatkar
  • Pranav Kacholia
  • Priti Ramesh Rohra (Accessibility)
  • Ranjit Shinde
  • Sanjay Patil
  • Santosh Bhogle
  • Shamik Joshi
  • Sonia Singh
  • Subhash Patil
  • Sudhanshu Bohra
  • Sudhanshu Jain
  • Sumit Patni